I'm going to be looking into and research various YouTube channels that feature vlogs. I'm going to be taking a variety of channels and comparing the similarities and differences. From the knowledge I already have around YouTube and the sources I've been looking into its clear that there is a clear divide between vloggers. After all YouTube is such a massive platform with channels focusing on many different topics. From what I've looked into its hard to separate YouTubers and vloggers, because in some cases even if the creator isn't making a stereotypical vlog, they're still documenting their lives online. Does this make them vloggers? and again this poses the question how much of their videos is real, do they put on a facade, make a character? This all brings my research back to one place, online reality. Also from my research I'm starting to question is vlogging just the internets take on reality TV?

Marzia - is a youtube channel that I watch frequently created by Marzia Bisogni, her content features product reviews, cooking videos, craft videos and her vlogs. She choses to make videos about what she wants to do, showing the audience her interests and skills. Her vlogs are very ascetically pleasing and have some really nice cinematography. She has just over 7 million subscribers, her views often increase when her boyfriend Felix [aka PewDiePie] is featured in her videos.

Felix is someone I'd like to talk about, he has the most subscribed youtube channel on youtube 'PewDiePie' with over 61.5 million subscribers. He started as a gaming channel posting videos of himself playing games, in particular horror games and capturing his reaction on camera. Being the most subscribed channel came with it's demands, Felix would post 2 videos a day for a while until he brought that down to 1 video a day. He's had his controversies with youtube and from that started to not only post game play but also haul videos of strange amazon finds as well as vlogs and question and answer videos and just sketch-like comedy videos. This is a point I have realised and would like to research closer into; why do YouTuber not stick to one style that their audience enjoys?From researching it seems like YouTubers change up the content frequently.