Representations of Gender and Sexuality in The Media

To understand the representation of gender in the media, it is key to look at theorists such as Laura Mulvey and Judith Butler. Mulvey came up with the "male gaze" - a theory that she writes about in her essay 'Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema'. Male Gaze looks at the sexualisation of women in the media to accommodate to the male viewers. The explicit version of the Blurred Lines video is a perfect example of the male gaze, as it shows women naked and the men in the video lusting over them, as indicated also by the song lyrics. It's also seen a lot in adverts - for example the protein world advert for getting "beach body ready" ( sparked a lot of controversy due to the nature of its advertising method. The ad shows a skinny model, with the slogan "Are you beach body ready?" indicating that anyone who doesn't look like the model is not 'beach body ready'. It also advertises to men that this is how women should look, and that it's okay to be staring at a woman in a bikini.

Judith Butler ...

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