Race, Ethnicity and Difference

The place to start looking at monsters and 'difference' within storytelling (pre-cinema) would be the Brothers Grimm tales. The two brothers co-wrote and published a number of grizzly fairy tales, some of which were then later made into cartoon films by one of the largest franchises; Disney. In all of these films we see both good and bad characters, each different in some way shape or form. For example; Disney's recreation of Beauty and the Beast really highlights the demonisation of characters who are slightly different. The Beast is shown to be the bad guy because he is different than the other characters; however it turns out that the actual evil one is one of the more "normal" characters. This is a prime example of todays media - and not just in the cinema. The news and political figures use peoples differences as a reason to treat them differently, and this has been happening in society for a long time, going back to the race differences resulting in racism throughout history - usually inspired by a political or 'popular' figure who encourages the public to have these views. One of the most popular culprits in current society is Donald Trump, who uses his power to force his views on race, gender, sexuality etc onto people within the media - both broadcast and online - as his views are more often than not against those with any sort of difference.