Making the logo

All of these were logos and colour designs that we never used. we did settle on a vaperwaves style at first but we went for a more simple look . DMP was going to be out name at first Digital media products but we changed that to On The Run in media in the end. The DMP camera was our test logo till we changed it to the zoetrope Even set with gives as icons or Idents if need be.

Tom had the idea to have a zoetrope as the ident for the website On The Run.

We started by filming tom running across the room with the blackmagic camera.

We lit up the room and filmed many takes of him running til we got what we needed then after that we took the frames we needed from the small shoot 11 frames we picked (Frame 7)

Then we rotoscoped around tom and made him a silhouette

we did this for all 11 frames and looped them so it looked like he was running and stopping over and over again so it was about 24 frames then put them in order to print out

After it was printed off we stuck all the pieces together making the zoetrope we just needed a way to spin it at a good speed we had to look for a way to do it we tried to look for a record player with no luck but we found a old film editor and we put a plant pot on one of the spinning parts then taped the zoetrope to it and it span around .

We booked out a camera 700d one light and a tripod and we took 22 shots of it spinning to get different lightings and angels of it spinning it took us around and hour to get the shots we wanted to get .

After the filming we made a digital version of one so we can use on the website as a little icon and a ident which was what we planned this for.